Çobanoğlu provides the services to you in accordance with the experiences since 1977. Entering the sector with the upholstery fabric firstly, Çobanoğlu continued with the production of springs and increased product variety till the present. Attracting attention once again with the Dormir mattress brand launched in 2014, the company has gradually accelerated its work. Çobanoğlu which has the main activity in the manufacturing area of furniture materials and bedding, along with prioritized the wishes of customers and their satisfaction on the path of success, always continues to improve itself.

The company focused on quality services and followed new generation technologies closely, making a difference in the sector and broke new grounds. As Çobanoğlu the corporate team, which also invests in the construction and food sectors, has adopted the seriousness and responsibility of provided services. Carrying out time-oriented works, Çobanoğlu always continues to raise the bar one step ahead of its competitors with the highest level of service quality.


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The production of the mattress, sofa bed and seat springs are carrying out to the desired dimensions.

Upholstery Leather & Fabric

Superior quality upholstery leather and fabric models.


A quality structure that can use in sofa bed and mattress products.


Durable staples of various sizes with functional use.

Lifting Mechanism

Lifting mechanism that can be used with comfort in bed bases.   


Types of foam with different uses.                 

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Felt varieties, prepared in accordance with the desired dimensions.


Textile fiber for various usage.                        


Glue for many surfaces.                                    

Elastic Webbing

Elastic webbing models with 100% and 85% stretch

Kabara & Capsul Button Varieties

Decorative Nails - Capsule Button models in different sizes and colors.

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